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How to Capture an Invisible Cat Crossword

What type of aircraft did the genius and his friend fly in?
What is the name of town where story is set?
What word does Delpine say often when things go wrong?
What does the genius love to learn about?
What makes the cat hard to find?
What is the cat character's Name?
What is the name of the smart dog?
What cures the cat?
What did the cat become?
What place do the characters go every day?
What did the people use to be able to see the monster?
What level of intelligence does Nate have?
What is author's surname?
What is a person who invents things called?
Name of the best friend of the genius?
What is an organization of people like in the book?
Who is the genius?
What do the people need to do to the monster?
On what day of the week did the story happen?
Who is the leader of the Red Death Tea Society?
What is the name of the car that Nate made?