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History U-6, L-6; Reconstruction

This amendment declared African Americans citizens of the U.S. and guaranteed them the same rights as all other citizens
The Emancipation Proclamation __ the slaves.
Rebuilding the South after the Civil War was called __ by President Lincoln.
Separation by race is called __.
Some Southerners wanted this President impeached because had supported the Union; some Northerners disliked him because he allowed Confederate (Southern) leaders to serve in Congress.
Six former Confederate officers started this group that murdered, destroyed, and terrorized Black Americans in the South.
This amendment abolished slavery
Renting land in return for a share of the crop was called __.
Southern state laws that restricted the rights of African Americans were called __(2 words)
Northerners who moved to the South to start businesses after the Civil War carried soft, cloth suitcases and were called __.