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birds and plant surprises

These kind of mushrooms pose a dilemma for foragers
It's Frost's less traveled way
Water shedding feathers keep them ..this.
A bird engineer or excavator makes one.
More than a high wind. On the Beaufort Scale.
Large and flightless but not an ostrich
American Kestrels will nest in one that you make or buy.
This plant likes early successional forest so their sap is flammable. (they like fire!)
Long distance flyers; shore birds.
Dogs might get into this common three leaf nuisance and invite a petting to share it ( 2 words)
Shrikes do this
She dives 72feet into water and her eyes go myopic, then she wing flaps in water!
Of Russian ballets and fairy tales
To stay warm birds have to (this)
Audacious Western tyrant flycatcher (2 words)
Whats good for the goose and good for the________
Ducks on water (collective)
Summer sounds are complete with black birds with these wings
A bunch of crows
Birds that get drunk
Was just a cardinal now it's a (this)
"teacher, teacher, teacher" says this
Yellow shafted flickers have a red one
Hermit thrush is most known for this
Ring thief
Master of disguise
Fish eaters, lake dwellers, burrowing nest builders and SHE has more color
Shore birds do this in the water
Dandelion’s this, with seven times the phytonutrients as spinach
Nest builds only on human structures (2 words) With one exception
Ducks in flight (collective)
Dove collective
If he doesn't' sing, I'll buy you a diamond ring
Noxious weed. In the carrot family-many names
Hungry? passenger pigeon used to be on the ___
Tapaculo. His head might sport a white ____
Grouse dive into this to hide
Audacious tyrant flycatcher
Digger owl that stood his ground in Florida
A Eurasian sandpiper
Gray cat birds have a black___
Arctic Finch that comes south to Vermont; huddles in snow with cousins.
Big beaks aka this
Black locust blossoms are delicious and edible, blossoms are also known as ____
Shore birds, not terns, keep an eye out for your lunch
Great this, long tailed this
Flamingos not red but...