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LGBTQ+ History Month

Creator of LGBTQ+ friendly and Emmy award winning show, Schitt's Creek
Australian pop singer who has has topped the album chart five decades in a row
Trans right activist and co-founder of STAR alongside Marsha P Johnson.
Olympian British boxer, Britain's first out LGBTQ+ boxing champion
Pop artist who advocates for the LGBTQ+ community. Most famous for their hit "Born This Way".
Drag performer, lesbian activist, known as the Rosa Parks of the gay community
Black trans rights activist at the Stonewall riots
Gay British actor and activist. Co-Founder of Stonewall UK and most famous for his roles on the big screen as a wizard and a Marvel villain.
Trans actor and activist most well known for their role in Orange Is The New Black on Netflix
Gay British mathematician, father of computing and WWII code breaker
Drag queen who has taken over the world with their own drag reality competition show
Co-founder of UK Black Pride, activist for the black LGBTQ+ community
Creator of the original rainbow pride flag
Pop legend, LGBTQ+ advocate and gay icon who made waves kissing another pop star on stage at the MTV video music awards in 2003
Earned 39 Grand Slam titles in tennis between 1966-1975. Became the first openly gay athlete.
Actress who is often thought of as the Elvis of the gay community. Most well known for her role as Dorothy Gale.
Member of Netflix's Queer Eye, outspoken non-binary legend who advocates for the HIV/AIDS community and the wider LGBTQ+ community.
Waged war against the Defence of Marriage Act in court after the death of her wife which paved the way to legalising same sex marriage in the USA.
American politician and the first openly gay elected official in California.
Women's footballer and LGBTQ+ trailblazer who was banned by the FA in 1921.