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A Valentine's Mystery

An easy Valentine's Murder Mystery Puzzle for those who love cozy mysteries! Read the clues in order to solve a mini murder mystery. 
Shoots arrows of love
This time ____ didn't shoot an arrow.
He ate alone and was stabbed with his own ___ before he could sign the check.
The letter asked him to meet on the holiday, _____________ ________.
The booth in the back made an _______ setting, and a set up for murder.
The man had a secret _________.
The waitress had no _________, since she was near the victim several times that night.
She described the man as _____, without anyone to join him.
But she couldn't win the man's ______. Did she have the ______ for murder?
Prince ______ didn't make it past dinner.
His blind ____ didn't show for dinner.
He had a love letter in his wallet, filled with terms of ____ment.
The writer seemed to have an __________ with him.
Only one person was seen _______ with the man.
The waitress, whom everyone knew was ___________ of every woman who had a date on Valentine's, was the last person to see him alive.