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The U.S. Constitution Vocab.

Popular ______ is the authority of the people
_____ government is the idea that governments, especially a central, or national, or federal government should not possess absolute power.
The U.S. Congress and/or the states must ________ a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution in order for the proposal to become law.
A form of government ruled by a single, all powerful king, queen, or emperor
The _____ branch is the U.S. Congress.
The ________ amendment to the U.S. Constitution says all powers not specifically given to the federal government are "reserved to the States."
The Supreme Court's function is to determine that laws are ______.
The legislative branch is responsible for ______ laws.
The executive branch is responsible for carrying out or "executing" the _____.
An introduction
Powers mentioned, one by one, in the U.S. Constitution held by the federal government are _______ powers.
In a representative democracy like the United States ____ hold sovereign power.
The ______ branch is headed by the President and her Cabinet.
A change that is written into and added to the U.S. Constitution is an _______.
The separation of powers in the U.S. Constitution divides the government into _____ branches.
The Bill of _____ are the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution.
System in which the power to govern is shared between a national government and state governments.
______ right is absolute authority to govern given to a monarch by God, or gods, or other-than- human supernatural beings.
Under _______ people hold sovereign power.
Sovereignty means the supreme power or ________.
The ______ branch consists of the Supreme Court.
Powers mentioned in the U.S. Constitution that are retained by the states.
_______ and balances are another way that the U.S. constitution ensures limited government and the sharing of power internally.
When amendments are ratified the people of the United States are giving their formal ______ to making it the law.
The _______ of powers in the U.S. Constitution is designed to prevent any single part of the government from becoming too powerful.