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Cat Talk

*Cat's favorite drink
Kit ...
*Cats chase them
Like neon gas
Prince Charles' first wife
All over again
*Cat native to Thailand
Pauses when you don't know what to say
Pass by
Not easy to find
... Kat
Go in
Head ache specialist
Peru native
Prof's helper, initially
45's big brother
*Boy cat
Type of tag
In music, you drink it with jam and bread
Fish hook end
Fashion initials
Electronics chain Best ..
Carson's successor
Something a Keto won't eat
Type of Dodge truck
*Cat native to Mesopotamia
Ostrich's cousins
Egyptian sun god
Home to Brigham Young University
*Something a cat likes to catch
*Food on a cat's diet
Tenth largest Amer. state
Not out
... Miz
Mr. Kringle
Skilled at
.. the season to be jolly,
Pa's friend
Driveway material
Things you say about something icky
Your share
60 times bigger than a sec
Boo boo
Commandment no-no
*Hello ...
What moms and nurses give, briefly
Shade tree
*Domestic cat with face markings
Thing downloaded to your phone
Babies' food catcher
Dad's cravat
A little schmear
One who practices a Muslim religion
Tire groove
Madagascar mammal
Thunk someone on the head
Little bit
Public warning that interrupts late night tv shows
Have a nice .. in the fall
Cat's fur ball
CSA fighter
Distinctive period
Top-ranked, for short
It's below ND
Against, in short
Yang on Grey's Anatomy