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McKellar History

Fall event
Celebrity at 100th Anniversary
Needed to write a letter
_______-centennial anniversary in 2023
Number of members of council plus CAO
Number of museums in McKellar
First religion at Hemlock Church
Fountain ________
Barrel Maker
Evelyn's book of "McKellar _____________"
Winter expression
Many a church or barn was built by these
McKellar was originally called Manitouwaba
Small wooden discs used in popular Mckellar game
Mineral mined in McKellar
First reeve of McKellar
A sawyer does this
Greeting before drinking
There are many _________ stories about the Hurdville Mill
Protestant fraternal lodge
Number of schools in McKellar
A first-in-the-world invention
First name of McKellar General Store
"McKellar _________"
Name associated with early post office
Animal housed at Fur Farm
Member of Fire Department's Women's Auxiliary
Present location of meteorite that hit near Hurdville
Created to block logs in a river
Fate of many barns
Many residents knowledge of McKellar History