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Poetic Justice

Bad way for things to go up
HS diploma in India
Bic's quill
Without malarkey
Norse healer
Wild sheep
Fortunato's downfall
Lampreys, e.g.
Spanish pair
Tennis's Fraser, et al.
"The House on Mango Street" chapter, e.g.
Aides, briefly
Glinda's opposite in "The Wiz"
Scandinavian toast
Source of cyanide
Mozart's "__ Kleine Nachtmusik"
"The Art of War" creator
Worn by one born in January
Fencing sword
Belonging to Disney's island princess
No real choice
Model used to predict avalanches, abbr.
"The Colour of Magic"?
Will's prince of Wales
Perrault's tooth
Singular poem such as "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night"?
Shakespeare's before
"The Raven" poet
Like one who flies too close to the sun
White alternative
Green information provider, briefly
Dodgy, in short
Cathedral alcove
Swiss lake and city
Eelgrass, e.g.
__ lurch
Dr. Seuss, e.g.
__ up, game genre
"Pinocchio" whale
What one might do with oop-les and boo-noo-noos
No, to Bach
Aflibercept brand
What a mythological creature might shed to become human
Audible indication of active transmission
Small heraldic symbol
"Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" actress
What Hancock did, in brief
Dutch singer: __ Mohammed
Modern medium for scientific notation? (abbr.)
Precedes 61 across
View during summer vacation
Bard's birthplace, with Stratford
Look and manner of Rome's fifth emperor
Prickly herb
Computer security technique, abbr.
What one might find in Paititi
Defenders on the battlements
Litotes for true
End of Ramadan: __ al-Fitr
Human haiku
Ancient law excluding women from the throne
Provider of sustenance, with Bell
Summer shirts, informally
Palindromic name
Middle-earth tree creature