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Animal Cozy Mysteries
_____ in the stacks by Miranda James
___ in the Stacks by Miranda James.
A ______ Cats Mystery by Sofie Kelly
A _____ Cats Mystery by Sofie Kelly
______ Dog Mystery by Tracy Weber
Pampered ______ by Sparkle Abbey
Horse _____'s Mystery by Michele Scott
________ Organic Mysteries by Liz Mugavero
A Cats in _____ Mystery by Leann Sweeney
Cat ___ Series by Lilian Jackson Braun
______ Cats and Dogs Mystery by Cynthia Baxter
Second _______ Cat Mystery by Sofie Ryan
Dog ____ Mysteries by Judi McCoy
Paws and ______ Mystery by Krista Davis
Call of the ____ by Laura Morrigan
A ____ Lover's Mystery by Susan Conant
Exotic Pet ____ Mysteries by Heather Day Gilbert
A Pet _____Mystery by Shannon Esposito