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Geography + History Crossword

Invisible statistical boundaries.
This nation blocks Bosnia and Herzegovina from having any more than 20 kilometers of coastline.
This character originated in Latin, and has achieved full lettership in a few languages including Norwegian, Icelandic, and Danish.
Antarctica was divided into these shapes upon its discovery.
The geopolitical term used to refer to many southeastern European nations.
This republic is home to the largest ancient castle in the world.
The German word used to refer to the southern part of once-Czechoslovakia.
A contender for the oldest nation in the world, and the fifth smallest nation by area.
This Norwegian municipality established in 1838 lies inside of Innlandet County.
The art of turning this substance into candles has been around since the Han Dynasty.
Peru's war with this nation caused modern-day Bolivia to be landlocked.
This full-body protection was likely first used by the Sumerians.
Many criticize the GOP for this political tactic, often characterized by the filibuster.
This western-African nation has the capital city of Yaounde.
This nation briefly became the only nation in the USSR before seceding in 1991.
Norse travelers leaving to Iceland discovered these islands in the 9th century.
The acronym used to refer to the island sometimes called the 'pearl of the Indian Ocean'.
This was the colloquial name for the areas of northern Europe under Danish occupation during the 800s-1000s C.E.
A phrase borrowed from Latin meaning 'to the point'.
This language is spoken in much of southern India, and is the official language of Sri Lanka.
This Russian ruler was last in power in 1918.
The geopolitical term used to refer to the countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
The French architect Fran├žois Mansart popularized these windows in 17th century Paris, although they have existed in England since the 16th century.