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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Code Words

"The Social Network" actress Rooney
Concerning bee business
Less than all
Middle-East royal
Zone of restricted airspace
Assessment, in short
Gates's company performs very well?
Past wife of Lennon
Off course
Bert's cohort
Unit of a to-do list
Cause yawns
Unrefined rock
Like a screen with full intent?
Dumb, dead birds
Mikkelsen of "Casino Royale"
Star Trek's shapeshifter
Makes like a lion
Bruise from a playground, say
Video-game guardian spirit
Famously cracked Philadelphia artifact
It gets you through Chicago tolls
Online spider work?
Valuable connections
Eurasian River
Part of a process
Kim, to Khloe
Origin of a computer virus?
Desktop running Big Sur
"I'm gonna need __ check" (2 words)
Apt name for a German car?
Mined seasoning
HUD, HHS, etc.
Office dispatch
Key of Grieg's Piano Concerto: abbr.
Wealthy, in Oaxaca
Pirate's cry
Crossword clue's solution
"Just my luck!"
Not set in stone
Friend of the spacebar
Science Guy Bill
Pre-heated appliance
African country west of Niger
Second half of a coder's conditional
Presidents take them
African Squirrel
"__ rhythm" (2 words)
Wild pig
Former GM brand
British computer scientist Tony
Center of the Syrian Civil War
Narrow part of your back
Rower's implement
Dubuque resident
Head shakes
Indian sailboat
Provokes a street race
World cup shout
Gem of a car?
Japanese lunchbox
Anti-Apple ad campaign
Run the set
Jeans and a button-up, for one
Cleans up, like a bird
Piece of cake (2 words)
Craigslist stipulation
Andean capital
Authors' list shortener
Onomatopoetic cereal mascot
Jedi's enemy
Tiny amount
Sledding surface
The Cabbage Soup Diet, once
Child learning the ABCs, often