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Luke Modawell

Jesus was handed the scroll of this old testament prophet.
Jesus pronounced the good news to the __.
Jesus knows true belief doesn't depend on __.
Jesus had a __ for coming to earth.
The official's son started getting better in the same hour He__ his healing.
Why did Jesus not commit Himself to the people of his hometown?
Tr or Fa?The official wanted Jesus to show a sign to prove his authority.
The attitude __ is believing is wrong.
The official wanted Jesus to __ his son.
Veni vidi vici is a __ quote from Julius Caesar.
The __ news isn't forced on anyone.
Jesus fulfilled the old testament __ of his coming.
Jesus __ Himself and His mission by reading a prophecy from Isaiah.
The official __ Jesus to heal his son.
The official on his way home was met by whom?
Jesus was __ by God.