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AI System Can Sniff Out Disease as Well as Dogs Do

Team from the uk that used a Labrador retriever and wire-haired vizsla to identify urine samples
Downsides to using a dog
Who believes the algorithm is agnostic so it should be able to detect the same diseases as a dog can
Positive cases %ot
Scientists trying to ___ a dogs ability
How many years it takes to train a dog
Parts____ dogs can identify at
Percent of the time dogs will accurately identify urine samples
Chemical analysis technique that gives a molecular level breakdown of compounds
A type of algorithm that can learn from looking at examples
Reported an AI powered system that is as accurate as trained dogs
It is/ is not a set of code that dogs execute but a feeling
How dogs sniff out diseases not identified is a
a test that checks for high levels of prostate specific antigen misses 15
Study published in journal of __ in 2015
Scientists want to develop it to detect diseases
What you would do with AI based pattern recognition so it can identify diseases
Complicated to imitate
What is in covid that is now being picked up on by dogs
Key problem about dogs and what they're doing
What AI can provide
What is being dedicated to programming artificial systems at a parts per billion
Negative cases %ot
What can dogs sniff out already
Accuracy dogs can be trained to reach
Missing link
Can detect a bouquet of chemicals emanated from the skin blood urine and breath
Mershin said that knowing what something smells of is not knowg what its made of
Key data features and ___ were focused on that were linked with the dogs diagnoses
Level of accuracy
Most lethal type of cancer identified through urine samples