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World History - The Americas

A person of high rank and wealth distributes lavish gifts to a large number of guests.
City that was east of the Nazca culture and controlled much of Peru's mountain and coastal areas.
A mixture of clay and plant fibers that becomes hard as it dries in the sun.
A system of colored strings that were knotted in different ways to represent different numbers.
Aztec capital city.
Some of the earliest civilizations in the Americas developed here.
The leader of an Inca village.
A skilled warrior and leader who proclaimed himself emperor.
Built by the Adena in Ohio.
The Maya calendar consists of _____ linked calendars.
Artificial islands made of mud piled atop reed mats that were anchored to the shallow lake-bed with willow trees. "Floating gardens."
The earliest culture found in the Andean region.
It reigned over parts of modern-day Argentina, Chile, and Peru.
It emerged in the fertile coastal areas along the Gulf of Mexico and lasted from about 1200 to 400 B.C.
Capital of the Incan empire.
Ancient Puebloans.
Sculpted tall stone monuments of nobles, warriors and powerful rulers.
Member nations governed their own villages, but met jointly in a council when they needed to address larger issues.
Payments conquered people were forced to pay.
Largest freestanding village pueblo in New Mexico.
Forged a culture along the arid north coast of Peru.
The Incan sun god.
They lived along the southern coast of Peru and left geoglyphs etched in the desert.
The Spanish were initially believed to be descendants of this god.
Mississippian town and ceremonial center.
Incan queen.
Incan commoners.
Dominated the Valley of Mexico before the Aztecs.
The Adena and the Hopewell people were known for these.
The Native American name for corn.
A large underground chamber used for religious ceremonies and political meetings.