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Optimistic History

Extend period of library loan
World peace organization
7th Premier of Alberta
Dept. that polishes images, briefly
Coif, briefly
Norman OK university, briefly
Denial (2)
Tit for ___
University ranking syst.
Camera light setting
First female alderman (2)
Original equipment, briefly
An Edmonton football team, briefly
Dept. handles CAF pensions
Faith in own abilities
Initials of well known Harry the Historian
Dribs partner
Monopoly's B&O __
I'm able (2)
Show sign of happiness
Downhill around obstacles, briefly
Seedy bar?
Ulcer & Heartburn drug
____ Van Lines, Calgary
3.1415 approximately
Legal, briefly
Dir. Calgary to Brooks
Sunny, sandy place
Fireplace residues
A university in NL, briefly
Movie rating, briefly
Online shop?
Mex., USA, & Can.
Arena in Optimist Park
Ring-tailed Calgary Zoo denizen
Pertaining to kidneys
An act involving fraud
Undoing an Undo?
Narrow side Rd.
Avian specimen
Deal well with a difficult situation (2)
Green gemstone
Numerical book identifier, briefly
When repeated, a Hawaiian bird
Science fiction space creature, briefly
Small battery
Oklahoma city west of Tulsa
MB University, briefly
Almost passe recording medium
That one
Marquess of Lorne, aka Duke of _____
Roman statesman and orator
To accuse
Ship designation letters, briefly
Alberta's black gold
Middle East ruler
FCJ or Grey?
Tropical tree fruit
Performance by two
2/3 of a law degree, briefly
Abbr. for "scenic" Calgary street name
Move about the pot
Optimist community?
Intelligent joint?
Rodeo participant
A vowel sequence
Lyric poem
Acts of kindness?
One of an identical pair
Who you might be in Toulouse?
Uniquely Canadian interjection
Created Three Musketeers
Very small battery, briefly
Beginning of a simile
Triumphal structures
App employer
Lindsay's broken dream?
University residence
Capacity to recover
Sad tale of ___
Sugarfoot & Virnetta
First sign of spring?
Line of seats
Software for educational and other institutions
Legendary fiddler of Rome
Earth in Essen
Perennial question from youngsters
A folklore old woman
Southwest US political family
Narrow win, by a ___
Uncle in Uruguay
First Canadian drive-in restauranteur, ___ Bailey
Small child
Large musical instrument in Central United Church
Day doze?
Far out
Adjusted pitch
Prove superior
South of BC
One goal less than a hat trick
Nike rival
Talk a lot
Dept. with April 30 deadline
Type of preserve (2)
A U.S. chief prosecutor, briefly
Centre Street Bridge lions (2)
Turner Valley Driller
Bowness booster
Catch some rays?
Transmit again
A cloud with optimism? (2)
Flower necklace
Dean of Calgary historians, ___ Dempsey
Easy putt (2)
Hoppy brew
Made possible
September holiday in the USA (2)
Ostrich cousin
Setting light
Author __ __ Wells
To accustom to accept the undesirable, alternate spelling
Beach material
Male loo
Largest city in CA
Toulouse article
A magic charm or talisman
In a ____ (trouble)
Calgary's eponymous garden creator
Calgary's lower right quadrant
SAIT statue of Scottish liberator
Virus immunity generators
Desert in Israel
Part of the crowd
Night orb in Orvieto
Gym class, briefly
Letter after sigma
Tax at the till, briefly
Loaf about
Written defamation
Architect __ Pei, initially
Move forward
Slow leak?
Hari's first?
Arles goodbye
Italian bubbly region
Location for a website, briefly
Top pair? (2)
Happy club?
Grand Canyon State, briefly
May 8, 1945
Vienna on the Bow plan
Give a new moniker
Put out, as a campfire
That is, briefly
The one at the blackjack table holding all the cards
African Cape country acronym
Indiana NBA player
Flyer with a forked tail
Left estate to help troubled children
Certificate of land title
SQ flies by another name, briefly?
___ and behold!
Scientific enquiry, ___ & ___
Calgary's lower left quadrant
Alberta gone postal?
Turner Valley driller first initials