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Birds, mostly British

Endlessly dry on the move for African mimic (6)
I sense good inside serfs and city dwellers. (7)
Every way but east about a pond bird. (4)
The Little Sparrow sings without right about not having a heron. (5)
Good comes after wrongdoing in Yorkshire city for seabird (11)
Bird is bobbing or back by the bin. (5)
Two points about small bird. (4)
Hunter caught a navy in a bowl (4,3)
Parties to the north guard the castle. (6)
Sticky wood-working duck (9)
Small bird has broken lute in part (4,3)
Sea fisher back in ten nagging nights. (6)
Flightless drunken sot gets wealthy. (7)
Chicken out or back tall bird (5)
Darwin's ship with the bow chopped off is below par. (5)
A heartless paw in the heather finds this wader. (7)
Bird hunting baby stoat in messy reed. (7)
Both political sides back bid to eat worms in the garden. (9)
Sounds like you see in confused cook an absent parent (6)