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The Cat's Meow

Funny name for a cat.
If your cats fight it will create this.
Fixing your male cat.
When your cat looks cute.
Suffix for lick.
A cat is your companion for this.
An orange cat might be named this after the candy.
If your cat is getting sick they might do this.
Raising a cat could be this.
Your cat plays with this.
You may see big cats here.
How your cat communicates.
Your cats feet have these.
A boy cat.
Outdoor cats love this.
You cat may do this to you.
When you get a cat from a shelter.
If your cat has long hair they are considered as this.
Litter is this if you have a cat.
If your cat is nice to you, you may think they are doing this.
A group of cats meowing could sound like this.
When a cat is the opposite of mean.
Your cat might do this trying to get food.
When your cat does something gross.
You may do this with a laser.
When your cat cleans.
You buy toys to do this.
A non-fixed male cat.
Your cat will play will this.
Your cat may have an accident.
How you will feel if your cat ran away.
Abbreviation for heart-rate.