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John - It Takes Two (sentences)

This is a GREEK root for both
_____ animals are so interesting to me. It must be really neat to be able to live in both the water and on land.
I wish I were ______, it would be so cool to be able to write with both hands!
I got a shiny new ______ for Christmas!
This is a LATIN root for two
When I asked how the trip went, my friend's answer was _______ and unclear.
That tool has a _______ purpose - it can be used as a can opener AND a screw driver!
This is a GREEK root for both
This is a LATIN root for two
After she found out that she was transferring schools, she felt _______. She was both happy and sad.
I sang a ______ with my friend at the middle school talent show.
Some plans bloom twice a year, that makes them _______.
Many of the students in my class are _______, they speak both English and Spanish.
My cousin lives in a ______ and her upstairs neighbors are VERY noisy.