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American Revolution and Georgia

Teacher: E. Riehm
Freed slave who fought in Battle of Kettle Creek and received land after his services
Those who fought for Independence from England
Signer of the Declaration of Independence from Georgia.
Direct action against the British government by colonists
Organization formed as a result of the Stamp Act
Thomas Jefferson is primary author of this "break up letter"
Harsh punishments given by Parliament to the colonists as a result of the Boston Tea Party. Help to unify the colonists against a common enemy - England
Expensive war fought over 7 years between England and the French and Native Americans. England wins land east of the Mississippi River
Commander for Patriots in Battle of Kettle Creek
Those who remained loyal to the King of England. Also called a Tory
Signer of the Declaration of Independence from Georgia. Killed in a duel
American patriots fight with French to gain Savannah but they fail to do so
Battle that Patriots win in Georgia get much needed guns, ammunition, horses. Convinces other Georgians to join the patriot cause
Type of document issued by the King of England in 1763 to prevent movement of colonists west of the Appalachians to prevent them from moving into Indian territory.
Place in Savannah where Patriots met to discuss the Revolution
Required colonists to purchase stamps on all papers and documents to help pay for the French and Indian War. Led to the formation of the Sons of Liberty
Killed British soldiers at her home. Hart County named for her