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U.S. History Puzzle #1 2021

Name ____________________
Date _____________________
Period # _______
At school the authorities must have a reasonable___ to search your locker or bag.
The Treaty of ____ ended WWI.
Germany was forced to pay a great deal of ___ after WWI which directly lead to WWII.
Most Presidents have requested ___ item veto power.
____ the Riveter was an American symbol of women in the workforce during the war.
The President must either sign a Bill or ___ it.
The cold war was given it's name because the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. did not directly fire ____ at each other
At the beginning of WWII the U.S. was not ready to fight a ___ military.
The amount of money the U.S. Government overspends each year is known as our?
The ____ amendment protects us from unreasonable searches and seizures.
The ___ war was the time period after WWII until the mid 1990's.
Great Britain practiced a policy of ____ with Germany prior to being attacked.
___ is an increase in the overall price level accompanied by a loss of purchasing power.
The ____ Act has given the government much greater power to monitor our citizens.
For the authorities to be granted a search warrant they must have ___ cause.
Many Americans planted ___ gardens during WWII in response to a lack of vegetables.
An oath is a ___ promise that they are telling the truth.
The ___ amendment protects our freedom of speech.
The total of all yearly deficits is our National?
All warrants must be supported by ___ or affirmation.
Wasteful government spending is also referred to as ___ barrel spending