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Hawaii Birds

Sponsored by The Bird Course
The state bird
Albatross that shares its name with an island
The 'alala or Hawaiian___
In 1826, avian pox was released into Hawaii when Captain Cook's men dumped out water containing this animal onto the islands
The Ākohekohe or ___ honeycreeper, pollinates with its facial feathers
An introduced bird known for vocal mimicry
An extinct member of the family Mohoidae
A long-tailed volcano-nesting piscivore
Declared extinct in 2019
Buteo solitarius, the Hawaiian___
A short-eared owl
A monarch flycatcher, the guardian spirit of canoe makers
An endemic rallid of the genus Fulica
Invasive predator of birds
The yellow cloak of Kamehameha I is said to have been made out of 80,000 of this extinct honeycreeper
A popular state bird released in Hawaii
Hawaii switched to digital TV early so removal of analog towers would avoid the breeding season of this endemic seabird, the Hawaiian ___
An endangered shorebird with pink legs
A tern with an ombre coloration
Named for its supposed stupidity
Sips nectar from tubular flowers
4-leter code of the cavity-nesting Akepa from the Big Island