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U.S. History - The Civil Rights Movement

The arrest of ____ (name) will start the famous Montgomery Bus boycott when she refused to give up her seat on a public bus.
___segregation exists not by law, but by neighborhood residential patterns.
___ (name) was the leader of the Black Muslims in America,and greatly influenced Malcolm X.
Dr ____ (name) was the most famous of all non-violent activists of this time; largely responsible for the success of the Civil Rights movement and a hero of this country.
The Black ___ was one of the most militant black power groups around at this time, started by Huey Newton, Bobby Seale and Eldridge Cleaver.
In the Supreme Court case of ____ v. Ferguson, it was ruled that segregation, based on the idea of "separate but equal" was legal.
____ (name) was a Black Muslim minister who gained national attention; although originally militant, he adopted non-violent beliefs before he was assassinated.
____ is to separate a race, gender or class from the rest of society.
____ (two words) are rights that belong to someone by virtue of his/her status as a citizen of the U.S.
____-discrimination occurs when Whites feel they are discriminated against because o their race.C
The Supreme Court ruled in favor of _____ (name) when he said he was a victim of reverse-discrimination based on the use of Affirmative Action with medical school quotas.
The Supreme Court decision in the case of ____ v. the School Board of Topeka, Kansas reversed an earlier decision which had legalized segregation, With this decision, integration was started.
_____ Action calls for minorities to be given priority treatment in certain circumstances; designed to try and equal the playing field.
Some of the non-violent techniques used during this time were sit-ins, Freedom Rides and ______(two words). The most famous of these was the 1963 March on Washington.
In 1957, President Eisenhower sent Federal troops to ____ (two words), Arkansas to maintain order when a high school there was desegregated.
The ____ Rights Act of 1965 brought about federal supervision of elections to protect against discrimination placed on Blacks when voting.
The ____ (two words) of 1965 in Los Angeles demonstrated the frustration of Blacks with their situation in the U.S. at this time.
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed racial ____ in employment or in public accommodations.
To ____ means to desegregate; to open to people of all races or ethnic groups without restriction.
___(two words) law required separate public facilities for Whites and Blacks.
The origin of the Civil Rights movement stems from Amendment ____ of the Constitution.