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History of the United States

Teacher: Mrs. OKay
War between the North and South; started in 1861
What is the doubling time of the US population if in 1950 it had 150 million and in 2010 it had 300 million
Area where people lived in pueblo homes
Number of colonies that formed the US.
One of the superpowers after World War II.
Organization created 11 days after 9/11
The US gained these two areas after the Spanish-American war
Document that governed the US after the revolution
First permanent European settlement in the US
Who built the first settlement
Amount paid for Alaska
What did the British government force on the American colonists
Country that started World War II
President of the US in 1803
Amendment that gave women the right to vote
Settlement founded in 1607
Settlement founded in 1620
Idea that the US should stretch from ocean to ocean
People who believed to be the first people to settle an area
Idea that the government receives its power from the people
First elected President of the US