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Fish and Amphibians

This word means two lives or living on the land and the water.
This substance that we have in our nose and ears first appeared in agnathan fish!
These amphibians have legs designed for crawling, and have a distinct head, trunk and tail. Some species retain their gills.
These are the fish that evolved into amphibians.
Most amphibians traded their gills for these to live on the land.
Lampreys and Hagfish do not have these.
Fish are the first of these and amphibians are the first to live on land. This means to have a spinal column.
These amphibians have legs adapted for hopping and large mouths with sticky tongues for hunting.
These fish are parasites that suck onto a host with gripping teeth and drink their blood.
These are the oddest amphibians that have shed their limbs to be able to burrow in soft tropical soils.
Both fish and amphibians are this, it means they rely on their surroundings to maintain body temperature.
Boney fish have these that allow them to stay in one place and move up and down slowly in the water at will.
Fish use these to pull oxygen from the water.
Adult amphibians are this, meaning they feed on other animals.
These fish are predators that have skeletons of cartilage, rows of replaceable teeth and rough skin. They can move quickly up and own through the water.
This is the fish like stage of an amphibians life cycle. During this phase it has gills.
This substance that we have in our skeletons first appeared in agnathan fish!