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John - nines/tens/hundreds (sentences)

Means ten in Greek
Means nine in Latin
Means hundred in Latin
During the 20th ______ there were many wars, like WW1 and WW2.
The _______ I was born in is the
The _____ helped to guard the city walls and to keep it safe from invaders.
Means ten in Greek
Means nine in Latin
The temperature outside in Paris today is 45 degrees ________.
In math we added one ______ , like .32, to one whole number, like 4.
You should always tip at least 20 _________ of a tip when you go out to eat.
I've never noticed a ________ in the real word. I mean, how many 9 sided shapes are really out there?
A grain of rice is so small, it's only about a _______ long!
Both my sister and my husband have birthdays in _____.
I measured the pen to find out how many _______ it is long.