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What if Christopher Columbus Never Arrived in America?

All the communities had rich and mature _______ .
Before Christopher Columbus' arrival, the America's had more highly organized and complex societies than ______ .
_____ would not have been a staple in the American continents. (Was introduced from Europe).
If the Americas had not been colonized by the _________, cultures, languages, and lives would have been saved.
The indigenous populations were enslaved, forced to abandon their own cultures and convert to ___________ .
Vikings and ___________ were there hundreds of years before.
Corn, tomatoes, and ________ would not have been introduced to the Europeans.
The Iroquois had the ability to ______ other nations.
Christopher Columbus _________ in America in 1492.
Evidence suggests that indigenous populations of North and South America occupied the region for about 20,000 years _____ Christopher Columbus arrived.
Without the discovery, the indigenous nations would have continued to _______ and progress.
A study found that the European colonization of the Americas indirectly contributed to the ______ of 56 million people by the year 1600.
The ________ would have emerged as a dominant culture over the others, and continued to grow their nation.
Indigenous people spoke approximately 300 different _________ .
The discovery sparked massive ______________ and colonization, that led to the world as we know it.
Modern day ___________ would be the most densely populated region, but the entire continent would be divided into different nations.
Our geographical _______ would look completely different.
People died due to disease (smallpox and measles), warfare, and ________ collapse.