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Falling Blocks

This puzzle reflects the classes I am taking in high school, the things I do and enjoy, and my love for really bad puns.
Inventor Whitney
German luxury vehicles
Profile Picture, abbr.
Broadcasts on TV
"It's either me ___" (2 words)
Anatomical prefix meaning beside or near
A large Tech Deck
Propel one's self in water
Some insect occupants of an apartment?
Dotted tiles used for a game
JFK assassin, ___ Harvey Oswald
Father Brown and Orthodoxy author
"Everything is not as it ___"
French physiologist nicknamed "Father of Aviation Medicine"
Arrogant assertion of ones opinions as if they are fact
An encampment (Afrikaans)
Largest continent
Bartender in the Simpson's
1957 Pulitzer prize winner James ___
Slang word combining murder and hurt
To chew
Some oval shaped panting boards
Coconut protein bar brand
Chick's mother
Air___ (Lodging company)
Doll with strings attached
Kodak Black's born name
Eskimo home (var.)
Practice sessions for drama
Fused residue of melted ore
Intestinal obstruction
Nick Jr. UK television series featuring a purple furry thing
"___ Macarena!"
Strains, indeed
Tennis great Hoad
Compass point opposite of west
Facebook action
Flock of Seagulls' song about a middle eastern country?
Super Mario ____
Grammy winner for 2001's "Lady Marmalade"
Crosswords and Scrabble, for example (2 words)
Number puzzle
Chess piece that promotes to a queen
Texan river named for its cold water
Sprays with butter cooking spray?
A draw in chess
Call to witness, beseech
Unit of pressure
A fluid injected into the rectum, used to relieve constipation
The year 1150 to the Romans
Beach town in the Puerto Plata province of the Dominican Republic
Modern slang for a gamer girl
Muscle in the lower lumbar region of the spine
Irish whiskey you find in dark shrubs?
Town in Apache County, Arizona
Swiss mountain also called Rötihorn
Thick plant
Actor Maguire, formally
John ___ of tennis
___ Legend of Zelda
Puzzle game with falling blocks
Italy city with famous tower
A drama
Small dog with wrinkled face
"___ vult!"
The first king of Israel
"Little ____" (2 words)
A link you don't want to click at the office, abbr.