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It's All Greek to Me

Baby archer
Famous deer
Olympic athlete: abbr.
Circular or eye-like openings
Japanese food
Environmentally-friendly alternative to incandescent: abbr.
Adidas × Jeremy Scott sneakers
Popular card game
Previous Peruvian currency
Weegie slang, can be used as a compliment or an insult, "ya wee _____"
A text declaring a speedy return: abbr.
Anti-baby pill brand
A weak spot
British English dialect, to plaster; "tar" in German
Surname found most in Ghana
Last de jure Western Roman Emperor Julius
Christmas song
Supreme: abbr.
Disney princess
4th president of Egypt
Type of cooked steak
Sleeping Pokemon's nickname: abbr.
Aphrodite's abode
A section of the 3D coordinate system
Collection of Norse poems
Means "conscientiousness" in Buddhism
Member of the 75th Congress Andrew J.
Star Wars bounty hunter
Found at the top of a window
A Temptation
Western Australia finance company's stock symbol: abbr.
Anne-Marie song Ciao
Type of bread
Large piece or amount of something (Brit.)
Living organisms can do this
Female elephant
Californian public higher education institution: abbr.
Genetics-based health company acquired by Orig3n™: abbr.
Belonging to a selection of food
Useful tool for thwarting financial fraud, ensures that companies' cash records are correct: abbr.
Onomatopoeia, used to express excitement
Games that many people can play simultaneously: abbr.
Hunger games tribute
Wandering star number 134340
What you do to a soon-to-expire subscription
Found in the men's locker room
American DJ, songwriter and record producer
Type of discrimination
All freshmen are in the same _____
Public Financial establishment which serves the savanna continent: abbr.
What thrown boomerangs do
Solitary confinement and North Korea do this
Tony Stark
Modified vehicle
Fear of the Greek god of the wild
What the Brits say in court, "your ___"
Soft drink
Foot of a feline
Type of Minecraft guardian
Municipality in Puerto Rico
Japanese piano company
Stinky creature
Movie Rich Asians
There's one in your room
Children's author Blyton
Computer stop error: abbr.
Man's best friend
Suffix, used in biochemistry to form the names of sugars
Google, Netflix: abbr.
Used to measure microorganism growth: abbr.