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Victoria's Literature

Great anger
Nor. neighbor
Kind of artist
Sound of amazement
Former South African President Mandela
Governess of Thornfield
Light lodgings
They come in glass and ballet
Charlemagne's domain: Abbr.
Casual wear
Not, to a Scot
Iconic mad scientist
"The Queen" Oscar winner Helen
Brit. lexicon
Shout of Bacchus followers
Dew in French
Serving of corn
Standardized tests for scholarships
___ speak
Slim swimmer
Cowboys' home
Bat man?
Three to Caesar
Oft-torn knee part
That, in Madrid
Respectful greeting to a yogi
Equilateral quadrilateral
Formal affirmation
Can you deduce this sleuth?
Creator of 57 across Conan Doyle
French possessive
The stuff of legends
Big box company
With out, got with great difficulty
Nobleman and Disney feline
Weak hand
Horror, e.g.
Jewish holiday eve
A vegan's best friend
Go downhill
Marriage in Germany
The home of this puzzle's theme
57 across has many
A test that gives you hours towards your degree
Urgent letters
A model strikes one
Powerful cabinet dept.
Between the salad and dessert
Vile smile
Not cool for the Ozone
Eucalyptus lover
Competitor in a current battle
Assessment: Abbr.
A tiny bit after Theta
A good or sad ending
Richie's mom, to the Fonz
A grand number
Queue after Q
The look of someone who has seen a ghost
They have issues to work out
Duke's wife
Organ composer
Meals on wheels server?
A novel form of reading
Constitutional capital of Bolivia
Sumatra's neighbor
Sin follower
Infested with tiny arachnids
Like 38 down
Miss of Marseille: Abbr.
"Law & Order: ___"