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"Lincoln" and Reconstruction

The author of the Emancipation Proclamation
The invention of this in the 1800's made southern farmers rich.
Special laws in the south meant for African-American people only.
The right that was given to all men regardless of race in the 14th amendment
The General of the northern army
The executive order that freed slaves in states that were still in rebellion
Laws and rules in the south that separated races in public places.
The conflict between the north and the south
The president who did not work well with the Radical Republicans
The amendment that officially freed the slaves
The right that was given to all men regardless of race in the 15th Amendment
An organization that began as a fraternal organization but later used its power to intimidate African-Americans from voting.
Arguments about whether this item should exist on government property have been heavily covered by the media over the last several months
The purposeful separation of one race from another
The leader of the Radical Republicans
A form of farming that guaranteed that freedmen would remain in debt for decades
In American history, the period of time after the Civil War
The general for the Confederacy.
The method of communication that Lincoln used to his advantage during the Civil War