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Amendments to the Constitution

Reserves women’s _______ rights
Details Equal Protection Clause, Due Process Clause, Citizenship Clause, and clauses dealing with the _________ and its officials
Reserves the right for citizens 18 and older to____
Denies any laws that vary the salaries of Congress members until the beginning of the next terms of office for __________
Reserves the U.S. government the right to tax _____
Prohibits abuse of governmental authority in
Reserves citizens the suffrage rights regardless of their____, color, or previous slave status.
Reserves the rights of citizens which are not specifically mentioned by the U.S.
establishes date of term starts for Congress & the ________
Reserves _____that are not given to the U.S. government under the Constitution, nor prohibited to a State of the U.S., to the people and the States
Reserves the right of citizens residing in the District of _______ to vote for their own Electors for presidential elections.
1st amendment guarantees freedoms of speech, press and
_______the terms that an individual can be elected as president.
Modifies and clarifies the procedure for ______ vice-presidents and presidents
Guarantees fair and speedy jury trial and the rights to know the accusation, the accuser, and to find counsel and
Citizens cannot be forced to quarter soldiers during times of
establishes the procedures for a ________ of a President
2nd amendment guarantees rights to own and bear arms for
Establishes popular______ as the process under which senators are elected
Citizens cannot be forced to subject themselves to seizure and search without a search warrant and
Forbids exorbitant bails and fines and punishment that is unusual or
Reserves individuals’ rights to______depending on the civil case, and cases already examined by not be re-opened by another court
Except as punishment for criminal offense, forbids forced-slavery and involuntary ________.
State sovereign _________. States are protected from suits by citizens living in another state or foreigners that do not reside within the state borders
Denies the sale and consumption of ______
Details the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment. State laws over alcohol are to _______.
citizens cannot be denied the suffrage rights for not paying a _____tax or any other taxes.