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Grade 11 History

Policy of governing a group of people by providing for their needs without giving them rights
Worldview in which European based cultures and traditions are seen as superior than others
Government taxes placed on imported goods
Federal government employee who managed reserves and enforced Indian Act on reserves
A series of eleven treaties negotiated between First Nations and federal government
The British act of parliament that detailed the terms by which Manitoba joined confederation
A railway that runs across the country
Banning of sale and consumption of alcohol
A belief in the necessity of building and maintaining a strong military force
Pooling costs and purchases of expensive equipment
Settling on land with the purpose of farming
People who put Canadian interests ahead of British empire
Right to vote
Boarding schools for First Nations children
Form of communication aimed to influence the attitude of observers to move them to an opinion
A nation with people with both First Nations and European ancestry
The compulsory enlistment of civilians into armed forces
Person who belonged to a band that lived on a reserve
Supported strong ties to Britain
Regulations in which First Nations people wishing to leave their reserve had to obtain a pass from the Indian agent