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Archaeological terminology

Term for pouring soil sample into container of water to screen for light and heavy bits of evidence
Study of objects from an excavation
American term for broken ceramic fragment
Unfinished tool
Location where people camped or lived
Sifting soil from an excavation unit
Term for animals
Object made, modified, or used by people
Objects from an excavation and their meaning to people
Called 14-C or C-14
Abbreviation for fire cracked rock
Use of radar or other non-excavating site study
Scientific term for layers of soil in an area excavated
Important academic finish to archaeological investigation
Pushing-off removal of bits of stone from an object
Something is older or younger than something else in an excavation
General layout of the area studied
Often used for soft-percussion finishing of stone tools
Term for plants
Fire pit where people cooked or camped
Artifact used for hunting
Vital part of doing archaeology
Location where people have done something
Stone tool making debris
Tool worked along one or more edges
Important finish to archaeological investigation
Tool used for percussion
Based on specific age of objects in an excavation
Tool for careful site study
Selecting sets of locations to excavate in a site
Object worked on two flat surfaces