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Reptiles include alligators, turtles, and these animals that don't have arms or legs.
Mother turtles bury these under the sand and all turtle babies hatch from these.
When its' water home dries up, alligators make a shallow muddy home that is called a ________.
As soon as baby alligators are born, they can _____. This allows them to hide and find their own food.
What is the name of this tortoise that lives only on the land and digs very deep holes? _______tortoise
After they are hatched, baby turtles scramble across the beach to get to their home in the ______.
Instead of a nose, snakes use their flickering forked tongue to _______. This helps them hunt.
Alligators lay their eggs in _____ which they build next to the water.
Turtles do not have ______. Instead they have a beak, like a bird, to help them eat their food.
Reptiles don't have hair or feathers. They have these to protect their skin and to keep their bodies from drying out.
Reptiles are _____ blooded. Their body temperature is the same as the temperature around them.
Alligators have this type of feet, similar to ducks, which helps them to swim well.
Snakes must shed their _____ often as they grow. For snakes, this is like changing out of clothes that have become too tight.
Snakes do not hear because they do not have _______.