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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Many whales eat invertebrates and algae which drift in the water as their food. What is the name for this food?
Manatees are plant eaters and eat mostly underwater grasses. Animals like this that eat vegetarian diets are called_________.
Aquatic mammals live in water. They need to come to the surface of the water to breath air into their _______.
Whales, dolphins and manatees are ocean going or _______ mammals.
Some whales have teeth. These particular whales are also known for eating seals and for their ability to leap out of the water.
All mammals use their energy to maintain a stable body ________.
All mammals including aquatic ones are _____ blooded.
Dolphins and whales breathe through this structure. This also helps dolphins make sounds.
Although dolphins look like fish, they’re not. They have a four chambered heart, generate body heat, and have mammary glands and therefore are _______
Dolphins are meat eaters. Animals that only eat meat are called ______.
This threatened aquatic mammal is unique to Florida and lives in both fresh and salt water.
Being mammals, baby whales, dolphins, and manatees drink this from their mothers.
Dolphins do not have a good sense of smell, instead they use this sense to help them hunt for food.
Baby dolphins swim close to their mothers as shelter from _________ that may want to eat them.
A frequent cause of injury and sometimes death to manatees occurs from humans piloting these.
These are the biggest danger to dolphins and when used for fishing can harm and trap them.
Most whales don’t have teeth. They strain their food through a comb like sieve in their mouth made of _____.