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Chapter 13 US History The North

Invented the mechanical reaper
Employed young women to work in his factories
A woman who was very influential in the union movement.
Came up with the idea of interchangeable parts
Railroads caused these to grow
This type of power allowed factory owners to build almost anywhere
The efficient production of large numbers of identical goods
A period of rapid growth in speed and convenience of travel
Samuel Morse invented this
Begins to replace iron
When workers refused to work
This steamboat first traveled upriver in 1807
Launched the first steamboat in the U.S.
This case reinforced the Federal governments right to regulate trade.
A locomotive that raced a horse drawn carriage
A period of rapid growth in manufacturing
This represented letters in the alphabet-used by telegraph operators
This country's ships blockaded our ports in 1812
Improved the sewing machine
This case reinforced the Federal governments right to regulate trade.
Invented the water frame
A British mechanic who brought secret designs of a textile mill to America
Cloth items
Skilled workers formed these groups to try and improve wages and working conditions
Invented the steel plow
A new source of fuel