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Forward March

Bright and colorful (#1)
Durable watch brand (#3)
Plant part discarded before making gumbo
Like a teenager who claims "it's not a phase, Mom"
Bend forward
Hitchhiking fish
"That's my ____ to leave"
Dirty sock emanation
Recompense (#3)
Petite plant-eating pest (#1)
____-gritty (#3)
Told a tall tale
Rhythmic feet?
Palindromic "altar" constellation
Resource mined in Minecraft
Former name of a southeast Asian peninsula (#4)
West African country with a namesake empire
Five-octave, for a few instruments in a 14-down
Don't put them all in one basket!
Like a REALLY small band (#1)
Slang term used in the hit video game Among Us, or a type of cym. in a 14-down
Horizontal headshakes
Cling wrap brand
Understands, as a joke
One of 24, in Old Norse
Phloem's circulatory partner, in plants (#2)
Country singer LeAnn (#4)
Choose (#2)
"Scary Spice" who frequently judges talent shows
Western ____ (college class, informally)
It's brewed in an infuser, not a bag
Up to date
Penguins named for monarchs
Sweet term of endearment (#2)
Snacks with comedically slippery peels (#4)
TV knob
"I Like ____" (presidential slogan)
Bikini top
Sour or smelly
Way to read a book
Snow that forms glaciers
____ kwon do (martial art)
Deck with 78 cards, including Justice and Death
Subject of Newton's first law
Film co. with a roaring logo
Workers' investment program: abbr.
Bonus, in commercial lingo
Section of a marching band affectionately called "the pit," four instruments of which are represented literally in the four numbered sets of circled letters
Cube with 21 pips
Los ____, New Mexico
Flesh eating fish (that's missing its tilde)
Doctor, one hopes
Connecticut Ivy
____ in the U.S.A. (Springsteen album)
Radio personality Glass
____ opus (masterpiece)
Of yore
Thing to clean up
Super-duper-wide screen movie format
Remove the insides of, as a house or a fish
At this point in time
It keeps spiked hair spiky
Muralist Diego or journalist Geraldo
Singer Kravitz
Like a properly made soufflé
It's represented by omega, in physics
Giver of bear hugs?
Like a list of errands
Nightclub of song, for short
Barbie's on-again, off-again boyfriend
DC accounting agency
2000 pounds
Victorian or Paleozoic
Word after smart or dumb