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Ancient Greece

Teacher: Mr. Richmond
the tools and knowledge that humans use to solve problems and make their lives easier
Mrs. Malin would have loved him. He loved math.
Spartans believed that self-discipline and ______________ were the most important qualities of good soldiers
another name for the aristocrats; Cleisthenes thought this group had too much power
they were excluded from voting in ancient Athens; Hatshepsut would not have been pleased
ancient Athens, for example
a system of government in which a single person has power
a period of time that is marked by numerous great achievements
the number of years for which Athenian men served in the army
in ancient Athenians, education included physical training ... but ALSO this
the boys in Sparta were not allowed to wear them
Draco had laws to prevent this activity, and Jack D. is wondering why
rich landowners with lots of power
"Let's go pray to Athena"
sometimes they were not even allowed to leave their homes in Athens; Hatshepsut is getting really mad!
he was a famous tyrant in ancient Athens
Syria's Assad, for example
a system by which a group of people organize themselves and make rules to control their behavior
a city and the surrounding agricultural land and neighborhoods
He was wondering: "What is the purpose of government?"
Democracy's daddy!
a person competing with another person for the same objective
a modern day analogy for a city-state
He was wondering: "From where does knowledge come?"
the way that people express their opinions in a democracy