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6th Grade World History - Chapters 19 & 20

Name: _____________________________

Date: __________________________
The Republic of ____ was established on the island of Taiwan by Chiang Kai-shek.
First man-made satellite; launched by the Soviets in 1957
The 38th ____ was the line of latitude used to divide Korea into North and South
Margaret _____ was the British politician who led the Conservative Party in Great Britain to victory in 1979; an ally of Ronald Reagan during the Cold War.
The common currency of the European Union
Mikhail ___ emerged as the leader of the Soviet Union in 1985; assumed power without violence or opposition
Organized by diplomats representing fifty nations; founded to ensure international peace
Regions that remained neutral during the Cold War
Mohandas ____ led a movement known as passive resistance to achieve independence in India
Vietnamese Communist agents who tried to take over South Vietnam
A radical Muslim group
The ____ Blockade was the oviets' blocking of all traffic through East Germany into West Berlin; ended due to a massive airlift of supplies by the United States and Britain
Political rivalry and conflict of ideas that stopped short of actual war between the US and the USSR (1945-1991)
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant; Islamic terrorist group whose goal is to seize control of Turkey, Israel, and the other nations that make up the Levant (lands along the eastern Mediterranean Sea)
The 1948 Arab-_____ War started when Arab forces from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq attacked Israel on May 14; ended in a ceasefire after a year of fighting
An economic and political alliance of 28 nations across Europe
Vietnamese Communist leader; resisted French colonialism and declared Vietnam independent
____ bin Laden was a Saudi extremist that built a terrorist network known as Al Qaeda.
____ stem cells are cells that can be extracted from an embryo
The _____ Plan was a distribution of funds from the United States enabled Europe to rapidly rebuild and retool for a strong economic recovery
____ stem cells are cells that can be extracted from juvenile and adult tissue
Ronald ____ was the fortieth president of the United States; turned a struggling America into a political, social, and economic force that influenced the world
A terrorist network that operated out of Afghanistan
Saddam ____ was the Dictator of Iraq that invaded Kuwait; captured by US troops; executed by new Iraqi government
Islamic State of Iraq and Syria; Islamic terrorist group that grew out of the civil war in Syria; uses extreme violence to terrorize enemies and gain attention
North Atlantic Treaty Organization; formed in 1949 to oppose Soviet aggression