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Sharks, Rays and Marine Reptiles

These allow a shark to sense vibrations in the water.
The illegal hunting of sharks solely for their fins.
This sense allows sharks to sense one part of blood per ten billion parts of water.
The pores on a sharks nose that allow it to sense electrical impulses from other animals.
We can find these marine reptiles in Hawaii. There are seven species including the Green and Leatherback.
The tiny teeth like scales that give sharks their rough skin and help they have less drag in the water.
The extra sense that sharks have.
These are the only marine reptiles that live in cooler waters, They are also lizards that are herbivores.
These marine reptiles are venomous and designed to hunt small reef fish.
The oily organ that helps sharks to be more buoyant.
This marine reptile lives in estuaries and some scientists consider it a fresh water species.
Marine reptiles are largely limited to colder waters because of this feature.
The light substance shark and ray skeletons are made of.