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Director's Cut

Self-confidence, slangily
Benoit ___, "Knives Out" detective
Wild get-together
Cry in the morning
Shakespearean lover
*Result of actors who won't help clean set?
Old Russian ruler
Word after sketch or scam
Anti-apartheid Tutu
Actress de Armas
*Like many an indie film festival?
California/Nevada border lake
Dwindles, as the tide
"Carpe ___!"
Thurman of "Kill Bill"
Hawaiian neckwear
*Like Meryl Streep, e.g.?
Pop singer ___ Lipa
___ Paulo, Brazil
Shock comic Andre
Emotionally honest
Mad as a hatter
Palindromic kitchenware brand
*Movie audition that went really well?
Piece of pottery
These days
Candy corn company
French filmmaker Jacques
Many a close-up, in film lingo ... and a hint to the answers of the starred clues
School on the Thames
Frank who produced "It's a Wonderful Life"
Actress Garr or Hatcher
Leave impressed?
Vandalized, as a car
From a distance
Flaky mineral
Congresswoman Ilhan
"I won't be long!"
Choose to take part
Sweeney Todd, notably
Parking ___
Quantity: Abbr.
Crocheting tool
The Dynamic Duo's transport
Emulate a sponge
Journalistic angles
Looks after sheep, say
Future atty.'s hurdle
___ terror
Sighed words
Prepares for a road trip
Mabel, to Dipper, in "Gravity Falls"
Mystical vibe
Struck it rich
Pirate's spoils
Total, as expenses
It's destiny!
Cooking show imported from Japan
Sticky situation
___-friendly (green)
Highly decorative
Quarterback Manning
Viral hip-hop dance move
Round tent of Central Asia
___ community
Believer in Jah, informally
Actor Pitt
Bar mitzvah dance
Blend, as batter
Lethal agent?
Before, poetically