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Birds and Mammals

Mammals that lay eggs!
The first pseudo-bird that we know of from about 80 million years ago.
The upward force birds need to create for flight.
These are a hold over from bird's connection to reptiles. They can be found on their legs.
The outer hairs of a mammals coat. They are thicker, longer and may contain camouflage.
Mammals that give birth to live young.
Feathers that come up underneath or among other feathers. They exist for insulation.
Hair found beneath other hair and is used for insulation.
One of the two things that make a mammal a mammal. They use these to feed rich milk to their young.
Feathers that cover most of a bird's body and give the tail and wings their shape.
Mammals with pouches!
Both birds and mammals are able to produce a higher body heat than their surroundings due to their high metabolisms. They are what?
The substance that makes up reptile and bird scales, beaks, as well as mammal fur, horns, claws and hooves.
The type of dinosaurs birds evolved from.
The forward force that birds need to create to keep air moving over their wings.