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Sun puzzle

The moment when the sun first appears over the horizon in the morning.
"Here Comes the Sun" is a sung by this legendary British band whose name sounds like an insect (2 wds).
The colour of sunflowers.
A sunroof is a panel in the roof of a _____ that can be opened for extra light and to catch a breeze.
Plants need sunlight, nutrients, soil, air and this to grow.
"Make ___ while the sun shines."
"Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. _________ Sun, please shine down on me!"
Sun_______ protect our eyes from bright light.
A sundial shows the _____ by the shadow of a pointer cast by the sun on to a plate marked with the hours of the day.
The day before Monday.
The sun is actually one of these, though it doesn't twinkle.
This kind of power comes from the sun.
The ______ rotates around the sun.
Putting on sunscreen prevents sun_____.
When the sun is partially hidden by the moon, it is called a solar _________.