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Dog & Cat Crossword Puzzle

Dogs don't speak, they ______.
Little bugs you might need to pull off your dog after hikes in the woods.
A small rodent your cat likes to hunt.
What your pets do in the spring that leave their fur everywhere.
The wild cousin of your dog that lives in the far north.
A quilled animal you need to keep your dog away from.
What do cats and dogs wear to let others know they belong to someone.
What your cat uses to wash her body: her_______.
Dogs loves to be scratched behind their ______.
What your dog likes to bury.
What your dog wags when he's happy.
What your dog chased up a tree in your yard.
A stinky animal you need to keep your dog away from!
Cats go crazy over this treat.
Never put your face near a dog you don't know, it may _____.
What your cat does when she's happy.