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Pleibol! Art Term Crossword

What a Güira, a metal instrument from the Caribbean, is used for
Art that doesn’t try to represent the real world directly
Colors that are on opposite sides on the color wheel
Collecting newspaper clippings, pictures, and/or art in a book to preserve a specific event or memory
A thing that represents or stands for something else, especially a material object representing something abstract like an idea or emotion
Where contemporary artist Reynerio Tamayo is from
The Pacific Coast League team Louie Almada played for after L.A. High
The Japanese art of paper folding
The tool Howard Martinez used to burn a tortoise shell design onto the Peacekeeper bat
How the dimensions of height, width, and depth are related in a piece of art
Repeating lines, shapes, or motifs
A pigmented waxy stick used to make art
Art that tries to represent its subject as truthfully as possible
A wooden stick with a colorful core used to make art
One of two handmade instruments in this activity book that families used at baseball games to cheer on their teams
First name of the woman who created an album in the 1920’s of newspaper clippings, photographs, championship ribbons, and other baseball memorabilia that became a family heirloom
The brother of Louie Almada, and first Mexican to play in the Major Leagues
Element of color describing how bright or a dull a color is
The artist who painted the Mexican American baseball series
The subject of Reynerio Tamayo’s "Mi Sueño, Mi Cuba"