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Chapter 3 - Early History of Texas

Teacher: Orth
Lived in Central Texas. page 115
Nomads of the Great Plains. page 120
A people's way of life. page 108
An object made and used by people. page 107
Open pit where people mine rocks. page 108
People who work together for a common goal. page 112
A scientist who studies culture and artifacts of people. page 107
Someone who travels from place to place. page 114
A highly developed human society. page 130
People who collect plants and hunt animals for food. page 106 (2 words)
Farming, to grow crops. page 108
Land set aside as a place to live for American Indians. page 113
A relative. page 107
Lived in Texas Panhandle. page 122
A group of countries under the control of one ruler. page 130
Boat made by hollowing out a log. page 114 (2 words)
Spanish word for village. page 118
Lived along the Gulf Coast. page 114
Lived along the Red River. page 115
Lived near modern-day Houston. page 115
Lived in pueblos in West Texas. page 118
A kind of wooden sled dragged by a dog or horse. page 120
Lived in East Texas. page 112
Lived in South Texas. page 115
A system by which a group of people are ruled. page 118
Someone who helps you. page 122
Time when huge sheets of ice covered Earth's surface. page 106 (2words)
Canoes with watertight coverings. page 126
Products brought in from another place for sale or trade. page 128
Large tent made from hides. page 118
A brick made from mud and straw. page 118