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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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dogs dogs dogs

Spiked collars were originally used in ancient Greece to protect dogs’ throats from _____ attacks.
Lassie, the first animal inducted into the Animal Hall of Fame, was a _____.
____ were bred in Germany for the initial purpose of hunting badgers.
A ____ dog story is an extraordinarily funny, but often absurdly long, narrative.
To pursue relentlessly.
To be steadfast and determined is to be like a dog with a ____.
A Dalmatian’s cartoon enemy. (three words)
The Saluki, the world’s oldest dog breed, has been found in ancient ______ tombs.
Puppies have 28, and adult dogs have 42.
The phrase “____ cats and dogs” can be traced back to Henry Vaughan, a 17th century Welsh poet.
Incisor neighbors.
An alternate name for a dachshund in North America, also a long food.
Most wild dogs are carnivores, but domesticated dogs are ____.
When the gloves come off, ____ make great guard dogs.
____ are the smallest dog breed, standing as short as six inches in height.
Every man and his _____ means that there are many people in one place.
A dog’s family tree.
Young romance. (two words)
“My dogs are ____!” exclaimed Jim, putting up his aching feet.
____ can make a dog very sick, so keep this beloved human treat out of their reach.
A person or team expected to lose a competition.
The ____ hid from people because he didn’t want to be *spotted*.
A dog’s only ____ glands are in their paw pads.
If the night is freezing, you need to sleep with this many dogs to stay warm. “It’s a ____-dog night.”
If you’re like a dog with two ____, this means you are very happy.