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Chapter 1 History

Invented nail lacquer in 1932 and created the Revlon cosmetics company.
Invented permanent haircolor and created Clairol in 1932.
Invented the first machineless perm with exothermic chemicals.
Invented perm machine in 1906.
Polish immigrant who did makeup in movie studios and made and sold his own brand of makeup in 1908.
Very long period of European history between classical antiquity and the Renaissance. Women wore red on their cheeks and lips only, no makeup on eyes. Women wore towering headdresses. Avicenna invented steam distillation in 1000 AD.
Used facials made from milk, wine, bread, corn, flour and butter. Noblewomen colored their hair red, middleclass women lightened their hair blonde and poor women colored their hair black.
Colored their nails crimson or ebony. Used gold and silver for royal colors. Commoners caught wearing any royal colors were punished by death.
AKA Madame CJ Walker, daughter of former slaves who in 1910 built her own factory, school and salon.
Industrialization age, where products and goods were mass produced and transported en mass, which significantly increased consumerism.
When Western civilization made the transition between medieval to modern history. Eyebrows and hairlines were shaved to create the illusion of higher intelligence. Elaborate hair, clothes and headdresses were used, but no facial makeup.
Perm wrapping technique invented after World War I after women bobbed their hair.
During reign of Queen Victoria of England, 1837- 1901. Hair and clothes were very austere and conservative. Women bit their lips and pinched their cheeks to create the illusion of color. Makeup was frowned upon. Skin preservation was prevalent. Masks of honey, eggs, milk, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables were widely used.
Invented alkaline perms, otherwise known as Cold Waves in 1938.
Founder of CHI, invented ammonia free haircolor in 1985.
First to use cosmetics for personal beautification habits, religious ceremonies and preparing the deceased for burial. Invented kohl.
Black makeup made from ground galena, sulfur and animal fat made and used by Egyptians to protect eyes from the sun as well as cosmetic purposes.
Used red clay to color skin, used elaborate hairstyles to convey messages about tribal and social rank.
Developed elaborate updos and lavishly used perfumes and cosmetics in grooming, medicinal purposes and religious rites. Used kohl and white lead for makeup.