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dogs edited

A Star Wars character modelled after George Lucas’ dog.
Dog breed with the most ornate haircuts.
Odysseus’ dog in “The Odyssey.”
A dog necklace.
A Chow Chow’s ______ is blue-black.
Like human ______, no two dog noses are the same.
Two Pomeranians and one Pekingese survived the sinking of the historic _____.
A ____ could beat a cheetah in a long-distance race.
Monks kept this dog breed to assist with rescue missions in the Alps. (two words)
Queen Elizabeth II has owned many of these dogs in her lifetime.
Dogs that are born completely white and form their marks as they grow older.
Dogs are direct descendants of this animal.
A _______’s sense of smell is so accurate it can be used as evidence in court.
A dog doctor.
A territorial dog call.
This lovable dog breed likes to burrow under blankets.
The Beatles’ song “A Day in the Life” has a ____ only dogs can hear.
A type of dog house.
A book that is well-read might have these.
A female Cairn Terrier played _____ in the “Wizard of Oz”.
The _____ breed is the lifeguard of dogs, originally bred to help haul nets for fishermen and to rescue drowning people on the east coast of Canada.
An old or experienced sailor. (two words)
A dog has _____ eyelids. (number)
Charlie Brown’s dog.
To follow and observe someone closely.